Learn an influence model for analyzing face-to-face situations.
Assess which styles participants currently use, misuse, or avoid.
Refine present skills and develop alternative styles.
Learn to analyze a situation and apply the appropriate style.
Design an action plan for using the new learning on the job.
This program, a product of Situation Management Systems, Inc., provides ways for managers,
professionals, and sales staff
to improve business relationships, make better and faster
decisions, have a greater impact, and complete projects sooner and with less discord. Major
focus is on developing the style flexibility to influence effectively across a wide range of
situations, using a variety of influence styles.
Positive Power and Influence
Program Content:

The program is based on two interdependent models. The first is the Situational Influence
Model, which deals with five key ways people influence others and helps participants to
assess their strengths and weaknesses as influencers. The Influence Strategy Model provides
decision criteria for choosing the most appropriate influence styles(s).

Content highlights include:

Self-Assessment – Use of survey data collected prior to the program from work
associates, videotaped simulation, peer feedback, and leader feedback to determine
current strengths and weaknesses.

Immersion – Thorough exploration and practice of underutilized or ineffectively used
styles; development of individual learning goals.

Simulations – Self selected exercises, using both audio and video feedback, for
practicing appropriate influence styles in situations which are particularly relevant or
challenging to each participant.

Critical Influence Situation – Use of a difficult influence situation at work to create a
tailored simulation for each participant.