About Erdelyi & Associates
Marianne heads Erdelyi & Associates. She has conducted programs and
consulting services both nationally and internationally. Marianne has presented for
Management Centre Europe and the American Management Association.

Marianne’s more than 20 years of human resource development experience
includes seven years as an adjunct faculty member of the General Electric
Management Institute. She is a certifying trainer of the Positive Power and
Influence program from Situation Management Systems, Inc. She specializes in
executive and team coaching, and is certified by the Center for Creative
Leadership in the Benchmarks 360° feedback process. .
Marianne Erdelyi
Joe is senior consultant with Erdelyi & Associates. He holds an MBA from the
University of Michigan, graduating second in his class. For ten years Joe directed
the management training and development function for British Petroleum’s U.S.

Joe’s experience as a human resource development consultant, combined with his
experience working inside large organizations, allows him to offer a powerful and
practical focus as a workshop facilitator, coach, and consultant. He is a certifying
trainer in the Social Style model, and specializes in leadership effectiveness and
conflict resolution.
Joe Schafer