Coaching For Results
This workshop, for supervisors, project leaders, and mentors, provides coaching strategies
and tactics for those in leadership roles, and is especially appropriate for supervisors and
project leaders. Participants will learn how to coach others in improving their performance,
modifying their behavior, and sustaining their commitment.

Enhance skills in providing constructive criticism.
Enhance skills in gaining commitment from others for needed change.
Learn approaches for handling hostility and manipulation.
Program Content:
Through demonstrations and practice, participants will gain skill and confidence in dealing with the most
frequent and difficult coaching situations facing those in leadership roles in today’s flattened organizational
structures. Content highlights include:

Coaching Principles and Strategies – Understanding how to determine the balance of coaching
behaviors appropriate for specific situations.

Improving Performance and Behavior – Using a discussion framework to coach on frequently
faced issues impacting results and teamwork.

Directing and Supporting Skills – Learning tactics for:
Objectively and confidently confronting problem issues
Dealing with hostile and manipulative reactions
Keeping discussions on track to establish accountability
Building commitment to improve performance and/or behavior

Maintaining Improvements – Learning strategies and skills for preventing backsliding and
encouraging continued progress.

Handling Broken Commitments – Learning techniques for dealing fairly and effectively with
those who do not follow through on commitments to make needed improvements in their job
performance or work habits.