Erdelyi & Associates offers consulting support to teams and larger organizational
components in conference planning, facilitation, and implementation of conference
outcomes. Whether the objectives focus on culture change, business planning, problem
solving, team building, or other issues, we can help ensure an effective and creative
conference that builds commitment and produces significant, actionable results.

Our services include pre-conference issue analysis, conference design, and facilitation.
We also work in partnership with internal facilitators, and provide facilitator preparation
as needed.
Organizational Conference Consulting

Clarify the expectations of all stakeholders in the conference.
Design participative group processes focused on conference objectives.
Provide effective and flexible facilitation.
Provide processes for appropriate post-conference follow-through.

Internal Contracting – Special attention is given to the role of sponsoring
management before, during, and after the conference.
Conference Design – Plenary and small group processes are developed in close
consultation with organizational sponsors and coordinators to fit both the strategic
needs and culture of the organization. Particular attention is given to the
documentation of conference outcomes to guide post-conference actions
Facilitation – Based on extensive facilitation experience, Erdelyi & Associates
provides guidance to internal facilitators, as well as directly facilitating sessions, to
achieve desired outcomes and provide appropriate personal confidentiality for
conference participants.
Post-Conference Action – Implementation of conference outcomes, which are
integrated and aligned with existing systems and policies, is part of the initial
Who should participate:

Intact organizational components and teams.