Understand the nature and positive potential of conflict.
Gain insight into personal tendencies in dealing with conflict.
Enhance skills in stating concerns directly and objectively.
Enhance skills in shaping mutually acceptable agreements.
In this workshop, participants learn how to resolve difficult issues with work associates in a
manner that achieves productive outcomes and maintains positive relationships. Major areas
of focus include candor with objectivity, questioning, listening, and dealing with manipulative
verbal behavior.
Managing Interpersonal Conflict
Program Content

This workshop challenges participants to take responsibility for effectively resolving issues
with work associates. Skill practice opportunities help participants learn both concepts and

Content highlights include:

Winning and Losing – Simulation to demonstrate opportunities, consequences, and
strategies in resolving issues collaboratively.

Personal Tendencies – Use of a self-administered, self-scoring instrument to build
awareness of existing patterns in managing conflict.

Discussion Framework – Use of an integrated verbal approach for consistently and
effectively resolving issues in a sustainable manner.

Confrontation Skills – Learning a technique for presenting concerns directly,
completely, and objectively.

Collaborative Skills – Learning techniques for constructively dealing with others’
concerns, perspectives, and ideas.

Coping Skills – Learning techniques for handling others’ manipulative verbal behavior.