Effective Business Presentations
and effective manner, whether addressing internal or external audiences. The seminar
provides tips on structuring a presentation, using visual aids, delivery with poise and clarity,
use of appropriate gestures, and handling of challenging questions.

Learn strategies and tactics for planning and delivering a presentation.
Sharpen platform skills for greater clarity, smooth transitions and impact.
Provide approaches for dealing with stressful presentation situations.
Participants are encouraged to build on natural strengths, and challenged to expand their
skills. Content highlights include:

Meeting Personal Learning Objectives – Participants bring to the program thoughts
and visual aid materials for an actual presentation they are currently planning. This
provides the context for the major practice experiences. Practice presentations and
structured peer interaction help participants clarify and work towards their own learning

Planning a Presentation – The focus in presentation planning is on:
Audience analysis
Clarity of purpose and impact of opening and closing portions
Logical structure and sequence
Visual aids

Platform Skills – Tips, examples, and practice opportunities on:
Voice tone, pace, and projection
Posture, gestures, and purposeful movement
Use of visual aids
Appropriate use of examples, analogies, and humor

Videotaped Feedback – Provides the basis for personalized coaching.