How To Say It
This workshop provides verbal skills and strategies that are key to effectively resolving difficult
issues with work associates. By using these approaches, participants can expect to consistently
achieve greater cooperation with others.

Participants will gain confidence in tackling challenging issues directly, honestly, and
diplomatically. Major areas of focus include being candid but not abrasive, skillfully dealing with
manipulative or defensive verbal behavior on the part of others, and using questioning and
listening skills that solve problems and build commitment.
The workshop has two major components:

Morning group session
Afternoon individual coaching session.

Thus, each participant’s time requirement is the morning plus a ½-hour in the afternoon.

Enhance skills in stating concerns directly and objectively.
Provide easy-to-use approaches for defusing manipulative or defensive behavior.
Learn a framework and skills for shaping mutually acceptable agreements.
Methods and Content:
This workshop challenges and supports participants to take responsibility for effectively
resolving issues with work associates. Through the use of videotaped skill practice and
individual coaching, participants have a highly individualized learning experience.

Content highlights include:

Discussion Framework – Use of an integrated verbal approach for consistently and
effectively resolving issues in a sustainable manner.

Confrontation Skills – Learning a technique for presenting concerns directly, completely,
and objectively.

Collaborative Skills – Learning techniques for constructively dealing with others’
concerns, perspectives, and ideas.

Coping Skills – Learning techniques for handling others’ manipulative verbal behavior.