The quality of interpersonal leadership by today’s first-line supervisors and managers, as
well as project leaders and team leaders, is a critical factor in workforce productivity.
Leaders who are skilled technically or functionally increasingly find that their success is,
to a large extent, dependent on their ability to energize the focused efforts of others.

Leadership Coaching provides a series of one-on-one sessions, either in person, by
phone, or a combination, that serves to identify and leverage existing leadership
strengths and to overcome ineffective patterns. Either as a follow-up to a training
experience, or as a stand-alone developmental service, Leadership Coaching provides an
intense and economical learning experience that fosters clear and respectful
Leadership Coaching

Clarify the leader’s patterns of interpersonal communication that most help and
hinder leadership effectiveness.
Provide a forum to learn from past and current leadership experience.
Develop plans for dealing with immediate interpersonal challenges and
opportunities with direct reports and team members.
Establish a practical process for encouraging continuous improvement in leadership

Anonymous Upward Feedback – Either by on-site meetings, by mail, or by phone,
an Erdelyi & Associates coach will gather perceptions from direct reports or team
members about effective and ineffective patterns in the leader’s communication
with them. The individual sources of this information will be kept strictly
confidential, and the perceptions that emerge will be shared only with the leader.

Flexible Structure – Coaching sessions can be by phone, in person, or a
combination of both. The coaching process can be connected to a prior training
experience or offered on a stand-alone basis.

Facilitation Option – The Erdelyi & Associates coach can facilitate check-in
discussions between the leader and direct reports / team members, or prepare the
leader to facilitate his/her own check-in discussions.
Who should participate:

First-line supervisors and managers
Project leaders