Effective Supervisory Leadership
What Others Say about ESL:

Electronics firm CEO: “I find it unusual to see a return on training so quickly. The methods,
tools, and concepts that you have taught my staff have not only impacted them in their
careers, but also in their personal lives as well.”

Participant from a wireless communications firm: “This will be very useful. I now have
more confidence that I can deal with any issues that come up. I can’t wait to use these
Whether called supervisor, team leader, foreman, or boss, effective supervisors must produce
results through others. ESL focuses on bringing new supervisors “up to speed” in leadership
skills, and helping more experienced supervisors to learn from their experience.

The core portion of ESL provides a foundation in understanding and applying the concepts of
Social Style (to connect with the person) and Situational Leadership (to connect on the issue).
This dual focus on task and relationship skills is the integrating theme of ESL. Participants
substantially strengthen their ability to communicate clearly and respectfully in building
commitment and getting results.

Learn how to better understand and deal with different personalities.
Build confidence and skill in handling challenging issues with direct reports.
Increase effectiveness in maintaining commitment and accountability.
Strengthen leadership skills in specific areas important to the organization.

ESL uses an integrated learning approach including simulations, videotaped skill practice, and
one-on-one coaching. The core modules of the program generally require four days of each
participant’s time. The program design can be modified to accommodate a wide range of class
sizes, and is customized to address issues, policies, and procedures specific to the client. It can
be expanded to include additional modules covering such areas as planning and decision-
making, meeting leadership, and selection interviewing. ESL also includes ongoing training and
consulting support to leverage and reinforce learning.