Learn approaches for leading meetings that generate decisions and plans.
Apply concepts of participative decision making.
Learn a framework for high participation and efficiency in meetings.
Program Content:

This workshop makes use of simulations, learning aids, and application of approaches to actual
work projects and issues. Content highlights include:

Planning and Organizing a Meeting – Techniques for determining:
Whether a meeting is the best way to deal with the issues
The type of meeting required
Who should participate
How to encourage advance preparation
What to consider regarding scheduling of time and facilities

Strategies for Facilitative Leadership – Concepts regarding:
What to take charge of
Air time balance
Maintaining focused and creative energy

Process Leadership Framework and Skills – Approaches for:
Clarifying meeting objectives
Sustaining commitment and involvement from participants
Establishing ground rules and staying on track
Dealing with challenging interpersonal issues
Generating clear, high quality outcomes

Application of Learning – Guided skill practice and feedback.
This program focuses on meeting leadership strategies and skills. Participants learn how to
integrate problem solving approaches, procedural frameworks and relationship skills to enable
work and project teams to achieve quality outcomes and efficiency in participatory meetings.
Leading Effective Meetings