Strategic Planning for Teams is an energizing business planning process for senior
leadership teams, management teams, and project teams. Its main components include
initial workshops and periodic check-in sessions.

The process can be used as an integrated approach throughout an organization, or for a
single team. Portions of the process can also be used to energize an existing business
plan. The process enables organizations to focus their energies toward achieving the
results that will bring them closer to their vision in a manner consistent with their cultural
Strategic Planning for Teams

VISION – Generate a compelling view of the outcome of break-through
ALIGNMENT – Identify priority goals for integrated effort.
CULTURE – Create and clarify approaches and attitudes that will shape success.
COMMITMENT – Generate focus, enthusiasm, and accountability.

Pre-workshop meeting with leader(s) – to clarify expectations and identify the
issues and opportunities facing the organization that will be critical to success in
the coming year.

Customized strategic planning workshop that is:
Both team development and business planning.
Specifically designed to fit the needs of the organization
A dialogue, with everyone having a voice in the process.

Half-day team workshop(s) generating:
Team Norms based on analysis of recent successes and challenges.
Team Vision – a compelling view of success for the team to actualize.
Commitment – enthusiasm for following the norms and achieving the vision.

Periodic check-in sessions – to review progress toward goal achievement, revise
goals and plans as required by changing circumstances, and assess success in
implementing behavior and attitude strategies identified in the initial plan.
Who should participate:

Leadership teams needing to shape or realign goals/plans.