Building Productive Relationships
This workshop is for Managers, project leaders, and work team members to establish
productive working relationships in order to accomplish their objectives. Participants receive
computer-generated feedback on how they relate to others. They learn how to work more
productively with those having different interpersonal patterns and preferences. As a result of
this program, participants will be able to work more effectively as leaders and as team members.

Understand and value your own interpersonal style.
Understand and value styles different from your own.
Develop skills for increasing interpersonal flexibility.
Develop skills for recognizing and reducing interpersonal stress.
Program Content:
This program is based on the Social Style model, which is easy to understand and apply both at
work and away from work. Participants gain a healthy respect for all four social styles and learn
to effectively manage style diversity.

Content highlights include:

Understanding the Four Styles – Learning the interpersonal preferences and behavior
characteristics of each style.

Individualized Feedback on Style – Learning the perceptions of others regarding
interpersonal behavior patterns.

Understanding Style Diversity – Participating in guided dialogues with those of similar
and different styles in order to demonstrate both the productive potential and the
challenges presented by style diversity.

Individualized Feedback on Interpersonal Flexibility – Learning the degree of
interpersonal endorsement currently being earned from others.

Strengthening Flexibility – Participating in learning experiences to build capability in
relating effectively to those of different styles.