Team development is a never-ending process of realigning task and relationship needs to
promote high performance and high satisfaction. The need for effective realignment
processes varies directly with the pace of change in the business environment in which
the team operates, and with the degree of interdependence among team members and
other teams that is required to do the work.

Erdelyi & Associates helps teams identify and clarify issues that are critical to long term
team success. We guide teams in shaping processes that promote continuous
improvement and realignment.
Team Development

Clarify team development objectives with the team leader and/or sponsor.
Assess current team effectiveness and its primary stage of development.
Recommend, design, and/or facilitate individual and group interventions.
Ensure the effective implementation of monitoring and self-correcting processes for
continuous improvement and realignment.

Contracting and Assessment – Clarification of the immediate and longer-term
goals of team development with team leadership that incorporates an assessment
of team member issues, perceptions, and concerns.

Off-line Services (working with individuals and sub-groups) – Specific skill
development as needed for team leadership and team members in the form of
coaching and/or training.

On-line Services (special team events) – Designing and facilitating team
conferences and check-in sessions to build skills, clarify issues, and solve problems.

In-line Services (in the normal course of business) – Observation, coaching, and
facilitation services in support of regular team meetings; feedback for leader and
members on strengths and improvement areas.
Who should participate:

Intact permanent and project teams.